by Tiana Feng
The Wilderness of Manitoba @ Trinity St. Paul's United Church 10/26/2012
Yesterday I attended The Wilderness of Manitoba’s show at Trinity St. Paul’s United Church. It was an interesting venue for a show. The audience sat in the church pews as the bands sang their songs.

I was busy earlier in the night filming Bry Webb at Parkdale Library so I did not catch any of the openers. Most of their set was made up of tunes from their latest album Island of Echoes. From where I was sitting, the sound was a bit unbalanced and I could hear some of the background vocals way too much at times. It resulted in Amanda covering an ear occasionally to hear herself and sometimes they sounded like they were belting louder than they should be. This was more apparent in the newer material, their older songs were played with great confidence. I saw them in June, so I know that they didn’t normally sound like that. Despite of the blips, the audience was having fun and enjoying their folk-pop tunes. My favourite was the harmonica decorated classic Hermit. They ended with a 2 song encore that include an interesting rendition of Joni Mitchell’s Help Me. The church was an interesting place to have a show, and the band may have gained new fans out of curious onlookers that ended up coming in to enjoy the show.
The Wilderness of Manitoba- Morning Sun