by Tiana Feng
Elliott @ Danforth Music Hall 10/21/2012
After the soup festival, Wintersleep was conveniently playing an early all ages show at Danforth Music Hall. Opening the night was folkie Elliott Brood who performed such favourites like Northern Air.
Elliott Brood- Northern Air

Wintersleep @ Danforth Music Hall 10/21/2012
Wintersleep‘s set followed. Though there were parts that were audibly sloppy, they played new and old songs with great enthusiasm. The funnest member to watch was the bearded guitarist Tim D’eon who foot stomped and bounced around the stage the whole night. The crowd ate every song up especially the single Nothing is Anything (Without You). There was a galore of instrumental interludes, a bit too much for my liking, but Wintersleep’s set ended on a high note as the audience cheered on an extended free jam.