by Tiana Feng
Inlet Sound @ Soupstock 2012
Yesterday I attended Soupstock, a festival fundraising and raising awareness to stop the mega quarry that would pose threat to Canadian farm lands. The day was filled with 85 different soups as well as many performances from musicians. I let the old people enjoy Jesse Cook and Jim Cuddy, but I attentively listened to Snowblink, The Paint Movement and Inlet Sound.
Inlet Sound @ Soupstock 2012
Inlet Sound‘s folky Canadian themed songs were perfect for the occasion. Random insertions of the word “soup” were definitely part of the set.

The Paint Movement @ Soupstock 2012
The Paint Movement had less members on stage then I remembered. Their was no female vocalist or saxophonist on stage. With 4 people on stage they were still able to sound full and energetic.
The Paint Movement- Is It True?

Snowblink @ Soupstock 2012
When I saw Snowblink on the bill, I was excited but at the same time I thought airy vocals and almost electro-pop songs would not be fitting for such a festival. However when Daniela Gesundheit went on to explain the content of the lyrics which included such things as to how we’re all connected, or of the different uses of the earth’s items, it all made sense.