by Tiana Feng
Beta Frontiers @ Parts and Labour 10/12/2012
Yesterday, I interviewed Humans for Exclaim! and checked out their show afterwards. Parts and Labour may be a small venue, but it was the perfect one for this show.
DJ Jaycie Jayce @ Parts and Labour 10/12/2012
Opening the electronic night (as well as between sets) was DJ Jayce Jayce from Shout Out Out Out Out who was working the turntables with a backpack full of actual vinyl.
Beta Frontiers @ Parts and Labour 10/12/2012
Afterwards was duo Beta Frontiers, who are recently signed to DAPS records. The duo played some interesting electro-pop sounds to some very weird, random and a few NSFW projections. It was so infectious, I ended up thinking their set was too short.

Vancouver’s HUMANS headlined the night. I don’t have any photos because I was helping film some Exclaim! TV stuff. Despite their mysterious album artwork and band photos, Peter and Robbie are pretty fun and outgoing guys. I actually didn’t know Robbie played the guitar parts in their songs live, so that was a nice touch. Their set was a blast and everybody in the audience looked like they were having tons of fun.

On a really random note, I love that Parts & Labour has no cell reception. I enjoyed watching the room interacting with the music, musicians and each other.

Here’s a video I took from part of Beta Frontiers set: