by Tiana Feng
Hannah Georgas @ The Rivoli 10/05/2012
On Thursday, Hannah Georgas had an invite-only release party at the Rivoli. In attendance were mostly music industry professionals, media and lucky contest winners.

It was more of a party than an actual concert with people socializing and enjoying some free appetizers. Hannah took the stage at around 8:30 and the performance was done by 9. Despite having a chest infection, she managed to plow through her entire new self-titled album in order. By the sound of her powerful voice, you couldn’t tell she was sick at all. Her voice was impeccable and captivating. There was just very little chit chat in between songs. Shad joined on stage for Waiting Game.

The singer/songwriter’s new album delves into playing around with some electronic music. However, I think they still have a few kinks to work out in order to translate that fun pop sound live. I’m not saying her performance sounded bad or anything, just that the feel on the record is different than her live set that still has a singer/songwriter vibe. She was sick so maybe that is why it was more laid back, but I wish there was some dancing and moving on stage especially in songs like Robotic. I’m sure that will change since she’s going on tour with Mother Mother.

All said, I felt like that set happened way too fast, so I obviously enjoyed myself! Here’s a video I took of Hannah and her band performing Fantasize.