by Tiana Feng
Indian Handcrafts @ Steam Whistle Unsigned 09/21/2012
Ride the Tempo is a huge supporter of Steam Whistle Unsigned as it help raises money for the Artist’s Health Foundation. I’m also a musician who had severe arm injuries from piano practising a few years ago so it’s a cause that I do believe in. The event has grown a lot in the past few years and on Friday they had their 23rd edition featuring Young Mother, Odonis Odonis and Indian Handcrafts.

Young Mother @ Steam Whistle Unsigned 09/21/2012
I saw Young Mother at ALL CAPS a month ago. They played a similar set of psychedelic noise rock. People were already bustling in and preparing themselves for a night that would only get much louder.

Odonis Odonis @ Steam Whistle Unsigned 09/21/2012
This was the first Odonis Odonis concert that I was not squished in. The group played selections of Hollandaze and as always they sound less surf-rock live than they do on the album. Personally, I like it both ways. Even with the Steam Whistle banner behind them they still had the Hollandaze-esque swirls projected into the background.

Indian Handcrafts @ Steam Whistle Unsigned 09/21/2012
Barrie, Ontario’s Indian Handcrafts was the headliners of the night. The duo of Brandyn James Aikins and Daniel Brandon Allen may be just two people, but in no way do they lack sound. Brandyn’s an incredible drummer playing passages that are fast and delightful to watch. Daniel played guitar and won the crowd over with his 90s inspired guitar licks. They recently signed to Sargent House (so they are technically not unsigned) and will be releasing an album titled Civil Disobience for Losers on October 30th.