by Tiana Feng
Rich Aucoin @ Lee's Palace 09/20/2012

On Thursday I attended Rich Aucoin’s live show for the first time.Rich Aucoin’s live show has grown into something more than a regular concert. It’s an interactive experience and no matter where the audience stood, they could feel like they were part of the show.

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt @ Lee's Palace 09/20/2012
New York’s Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! kicked the night with performance antics that were just as random as their band name. There was even a giant light up robot on stage, but the group did little to incorporate it into part of their show. What they did do was start the party early on in the night with conga lines, dance circles and sing-a-longs. Singer Neil Fridd took command of the audience who followed through with all activities including a group hug that ended their set. A lot of the time I was like WTF? but I followed through with everything he said.

Stepdad @ Lee's Palace 09/20/2012
Sandwiched in the middle was Michigan’s Stepdad. In comparison to the performances before and after, they were somewhat unexciting to watch. However, that did not matter as the audience dug their synth-pop music jam packed with bubblegum sweetness and guys singing in falsetto voices. I grew a bit antsy though and I wished their performance was more of a delight to watch.

Rich Aucoin @ Lee's Palace 09/20/2012
When Rich Aucoin finally hit the stage, Lee’s Palace’s dance floor was filled in every nook and cranny as devoted fans fought to guarantee themselves a spot under Aucoin’s parachute. The borders between performer and audience were broken down as Rich Aucoin set up his small table of keyboards, pedals and mixers on the dance floor instead of on Lee’s highly elevated stage.

Rich paid tribute to people in the neighborhood including me with hilarious on-screen credits. I am apparently like never having to find more flux capacitor for your Delorean. The beginning of each song started with viral video that the audience was well familiar with such as Guy On A Buffalo¸ and Kid Gives Speech After Learning to Ride A Bike. Everyone was encouraged to sing-a-long to his songs as the lyrics the choruses were displayed prominently on screen. Watching him was like a game of “follow the light bulb” as he wandered throughout the venue, into the audience and danced alongside them. Unlike Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! I did not question anything Rich had us do.

Rich Aucoin’s set was also filled with confetti cannons, glow sticks and dancing under the parachute. The night ended with his strongest and most memorable song“It” during which he unleashed a parachute full of balloons. It was a highly entertaining performance that appropriately celebrated his infamous phrase “Congrats on Being Alive”.

Rich Aucoin- It
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