by Tiana Feng
Maylee Todd @ Drake Hotel 09/07/2012
Last night Drake Hotel hosted an event called Overdrive for tiff opening weekend. Maylee Todd headlined the show.

New Hands @ Drake Hotel 09/07/2012
First up was New Hands. This was the first time I’ve seen their set in full. The boys are young but they have a sound that is so well developed, and fun. Stage presence wise is still a little awkward but kind of endearing.
New Hands- This I’ve Heard

Modern Superstitions @ 09/07/2012
Next up was Modern Superstitions. I didn’t know they released anything since I last saw them a year or 2 ago. However their debut full length is coming out October 23rd. Nyssa showed the audience she could still rock the house.

The Magic @ Drake Hotel 09/07/2012
Gordon and Geordie of The Magic played their set without their normal band. It was a little bit difference, especially since they went from a 7 piece to 3. Jessy Bell Smith joined in on female vocals. I love and have listened to their album a million times (and I’m also a huge Evening Hymns fan) and therefore have some bias towards the change. Jessy just doesn’t blend as well as Sylvie and the playful chemistry that I saw during their Summer Works show wasn’t there. The audience seemed to be enjoying Geordie’s antics though so maybe the change didn’t matter to them so much.

Maylee Todd @ Drake Hotel 09/07/2012
I’ve seen Maylee Todd a few weeks ago but I’d see her a million times. Hell I’d go just to see the cover of Sesame Street’s 12, which she actually dedicated to me last night. She’s an amazing performer and even though there are 11 people on stage (including dancers) you can’t help but be drawn to her during the entire set. I haven’t seen many people lately brave enough to jump into the audience and sing and dance with them.