by Tiana Feng
Papermaps @ The Horseshoe 08/28/2012
On Tuesday Papermaps had their EP release for Inferior Ghost. It was part of the New Music live event that happens every Tuesday at the Horseshoe.

I arrived early so I caught the sets of Toronto’s Secret Suburbia and UK’s Little Barrie. To be honest they weren’t really my thing. Their songs suffered from overdrawn solos that made them sound the same after a while. Secret Suburbia had a bit too many unnecessary effects and drum machine parts to their song that were more distracting than they were enhancing.

Papermaps @ The Horseshoe 08/28/2012
When Papermaps finally came on, it was refreshing to hear songs that rocked and were inherently different from one another. I was a really big fan of their first self-titled album. I have been really busy lately, so I actually had not listened to Inferior Ghost EP before the performance. I love Dean’s ability to write interesting hook filled songs and translate them into an energetic and exciting live performance. You’d never think he could belt out some of those songs if you met him in real life.

They began the set with only Dean on stage singing Wishful Thinking. The band joined in 3/4 of the way through the song. Their set alternated between fast songs and slow songs from both releases. I always get excited when they play Reunion which still remains my favourite song. Inferior Ghost is another solid release by the band.