by Tiana Feng
Evening Hymns @ The Theatre Center 08/17/2012
On Friday I saw Evening Hymns as part of Summer Works festival. The night was the kind where everyone was sitting just listening and appreciating the music. This started with Simone from Fiver (their lead singer) telling anybody talking to shut up.
Fiver @ The Theatre Center 08/17/2012
The Toronto folk group set the tone for what would be a lovely evening of music.

Evening Hymns @ The Theatre Center 08/17/2012
I’ve fallen in love with Evening Hymn’s latest album Spectral Dusk ever since I first heard it. Seeing them live didn’t change that. Their sound was so well balanced it was goosebump inducing. I felt so guilty taking photographs that I eventually stopped, took a seat in the back and listened along with everyone else. It was quietest I’ve ever seen an audience. They were all in awe. It was amazing. I even risked not making the bus home that night to hear the entire set.


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