by Tiana Feng

On Friday I checked out my first Summer Works gig. The music ones mostly occur at the Theater Centre (the venue behind the Great Hall). Opening up the night was Ark Analog the duo of Maylee Todd and Grapes Godly (otherwise known as Dan Werb from Woodhands).
Ark Analog @ The Theatre Centre 08/10/2012
It was only their 4th gig together so it was a tiny bit shakey to start but they pulled out some electronic and dance friendly tunes. Maylee had some strange voice changer thing that was quite entertaining. I could do without the occasional shrieking she purposely did in the microphone every once in a while though. Otherwise the duo has some really poppy and interesting material so far. I saw Maylee’s own set at ALL CAPS the day after and it was so different.
(I can’t seem to find any listening samples to share with you guys though)

The Magic @ The Theatre Centre 08/10/2012
If you haven’t checked out The Magic yet, it’s a serious must. Their Ragged Gold LP is simply put it, awesome. This was Summer Works so their was “extra magic” added to their performance. They had an MC that pretended we were a live studio audience being broadcasted around the world. There were dancers and dance contests and sex jokes and boob touching involved. Geordie also showed off his beautiful legs in an interesting outfit. It was so much fun. Probably the most entertaining set I’ve seen in a while. Not to mention Geordie and Sylvie have great chemistry on stage and the band sounded awesome.