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All Caps! Island Festival 2012 Day 1 w/ Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Maylee Todd, and more!

0 Comments 13 August 2012

by Tiana Feng

This weekend I attended All Caps! Island Festival presented by Wavelength music. I didn’t camp, but I attended both days. Here is my recap of day 1.

Triple Gangers @ All Caps 2012
First up was Triple Gangers. They were an electro-pop band with quirky vocals that complimented their silly tiara-wearing personas. It was wildly appropriate since this was an All Ages festival and there were little kids. I semi- wish they had some more serious songs though because I feel like they can do those well.

Esther Grey @ All Caps 2012
Second up was Bieber lookalike Esther Grey. Her voice sounded nothing like Bieber though. It was a nice, almost Imogen Heap folk sound. There’s that beautiful somewhat distorted folk sound.

Wet Hair @ All Caps 2012
Iowa’s wet hair dazzled us with some piercing synths and electronics. It was infectious and I got kind of lost in the psychedelic feel of it.

Tyvek @ All Caps 2012
I prejudged Detroit’s Tyvek for wearing their own band t-shirt, but they actually weren’t bad. They played some loud punk waking us up and preparing us for what was to come the rest of the night.

Choir! Choir! Choir! @ All Caps 2012
Choir! Choir! Choir! showed up and filled the room with their pop covers. This was my second time seeing them, and they played a similar round of songs to last time but it was still a blast. I’m seriously considering joining the group. Maylee Todd joined in their set and did some rapping.

Maylee Todd @ All Caps 2012
I saw Maylee Todd as Ark Analog the night before, but I have to admit that I think I like her own stuff more. I love the jazzy soul feel. She’s also a lot more lose and fun with her own stuff. She danced with the crowd and fell to their feet. Her persona on her own set is one that’s impossible to not like.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan @ All Caps 2012
Last up was weirdos and make up heavy Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. I’m glad I got to see them in this intimate setting instead of stuffy crowds at NXNE. Their were bright audio-synced lights and heavy make up. The band wow’d the audience with their prog/metal rock influenced style they describe as “Noh-Wave”.


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