by Tiana Feng
Avery Island @ Lee's Palace 07/28/2012
After the Mad Decent party we headed to Lee’s Palace to rock out a bit. Avery Island invited me that night and The Ruby Spirit who I had yet to see played with them among some others.

Beginning the night was 2/3rds of the band RYE (who I can’t seem to google) as well as Desperate Executives. They were a bit mellow considering I just basically came from a dance party.

The Ruby Spirit @ Lee's Palace 07/28/2012
The Ruby Spirit rocked out with the lead singer in Lady Gaga like attire. They played old tunes with things as well as songs from Born Under a Veil.

Avery Island @ Lee's Palace 07/28/2012
12:30 am set times are my worse enemies (as my last bus back home is 1:20) but I loved what I saw of Avery Island.