by Nash Bussieres

I threw a party! I’m moving out of my house in a month and I was always curious as to why we never had shows at my place, seeing as it’s a massive, 2500 sq-ft Mississauga townhouse. Also, Phil from Robots! Everywhere!! was going to be in my neck of the woods that week, so I decided it’d be the perfect time for some crucial jams.
Space Triceratops @  Bro Manor Bandstravaganza 07/27/2012
First band up was my band, Space Triceratops. We practice sometimes and play shows almost never, but what we lacked in tightness and stage presence, we made up for with awesome-band-name-ness. And bass solos.
Smoke Me Scotty @ Bro Manor Bandstravaganza 07/27/2012
Next up was Smoke Me Scotty, a local ska band with really cohesive musicianship. Ridiculous solos (that shouldn’t have worked with ska, but did gloriously) rocksteady beats and a “Smoke Two Joints” cover got the crowd excited for what was yet to come.
The Runaway Success Story @Manor Bandstravaganza 07/27/2012
My good friends in The Runaway Success Story took to the stage next. They play a unique brand of mallpunk/pop-rock with hints of aggression (and they lack the stereotypical horrendously nasal singing that’s a staple of the genre – thank god) that I would never, ever describe as “aggressive pop punk.” Their set list was much more energetic and… angry(?) that their previously released material, which makes me excited for their future.
Pirrateau @  Bro Manor Bandstravaganza 07/27/2012
Then it was time for me to return to the stage as Pirrateau, my much more tried and tested solo act. I write songs about hating work and why I don’t like Tool/Radiohead fanboys and esoteric references to recurring dreams I have: the trifecta of No. 1 hit single songwriting, clearly.
Robots! Everywhere!! Bro Manor Bandstravaganza 07/27/2012
Phil Castiglione is Robots! Everywhere!! He is also charming, hilarious, from Ottawa and just an all-around great dude. He had the crowd up and dancing/singing along nonstop to his one-man pop punk band.

As I’ve said before on this blog, the band is rad.

Now that I’ve met him personally, I can also say the dude is equally as rad.
Inspire Influence @ Bro Manor Bandstravaganza 07/27/2012
Closing out the night were my friends in Inspire Influence: an extremely talented atmospheric/post-rock band from Toronto. They’re definitely a band to check out if you’re into Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky or the like. They just got back from a Southern Ontario/Quebec tour and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

I really regret not having more shows here like this before I left, but I’m now determined to make this a re-occurring event at my future homes.

I’m aiming for infamy.