by Tiana Feng
Jeremy Glenn @ Horseshoe 07/21/2012
Last Saturday, I Ubercabbed my way over from a birthday party to the Horseshoe. When I arrived Toronto’s Jeremy Glenn was on. I’ve still yet to understand the one man type of indie-electronic music but at least he actually was more interesting to watch than John Maus. Jeremy’s voice changer thing was also pretty damn cool.

Shout Out Out Out Out @ Horseshoe 07/21/2012
Who I really wanted to see was Shout Out Out Out Out (yes 4 out’s). Their recently release Spanish Moss and Total Loss is pretty damn catchy. I only got to hear 1 or 2 songs because I needed to catch the bus back home but I like what I heard! The audience was enjoying themselves too. There were tons of groupies and fans wearing Shout Out Out Out Out t-shirts.