by Tiana Feng
Fade Chromatic @ Annex Live 07/06/2012
Last Friday I attended Fade Chromatic’s CD release. I didn’t catch most of the opening bands because I was at a birthday party earlier in the night.
The Cautioneers @ Annex Live 07/06/2012
I did however see the Cautioneers. I think it may have been the poor vocal mix at the Annex Live but I wasn’t totally feeling them. They were only ok.

Fade Chromatic @ Annex Live 07/06/2012
I realize I haven’t really talked about Fade Chromatic here before. Simply put they’re a pop-rock band from Toronto. They’re performance on Friday embodied everything it was to be a pop-rock band. Colourful lighting, confetti, beach balls, smoke machines. A lot of razzle dazzle.

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