by Tiana Feng
Rattail @ The Untold Story @ Steamwhistle - 07/04/2012
Last Wednesday I stopped by Steamwhistle for their art show The Untold City. There were strange photographs of things around Toronto and it’s music scene. One of them I recognized as the album cover to The Darcy’s Aja. There was also free food, candy and of course music. Rattail was the only band to play (Army Girls cancelled), but they put quite the unique sounding performance. Although when I look back on it, their strange music perfectly complements the fact it was a contemporary art night.
Rattail- Soon Enough

2 Responses

  1. Sensible999

    it is “the untold city” not “story”

    • Tiana Feng

      woops! edited this now. I think I watched way too much of that video with the musicians bashing it hahaha