by Tiana Feng
The Rest @ The Drake 06/22/2012
Last Friday, I went to The Rest’s CD release for their new album SEESAW at the Drake. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a serious must grab from Bandcamp.
MJ Cyr @ The Drake 06/22/2012
Opening up the night was MJ Cyr. With Cam Britton, she played some atmospheric folk music that was distorted and mixed on stage. For one of the songs she used her iPhone as an instrument, making sounds that mimicked the accordion. Anna Jarvis from the Rest joined on the glockenspiel for a few songs.

Illitry @ The Drake 06/22/2012
Again I ran into Illitry. They caught me complaining about their setup times on twitter, and we ended up having a nice chat about it. The times I’ve seen them, I thought they have a really decent sound. Having only listened to them on stage, I actually remembered the words to a couple of the tunes from last time. The group does have a good thing going so I hope they improve on how quickly the setup.

The Rest @ The Drake 06/22/2012
The Rest, who are a group of 7, got right down to business fast. They played through a bunch of Seesaw. Every track had some tension building climax until they released the pedals at the end. The Drake was decently full and people were really enjoying themselves. There were old and people who looked fairly young singing along to some of the songs. At the end of the night I bought SEESAW on limited edition clear vinyl. It was so worth it, the album sounds much better on record.