by Tiana Feng
Purity Ring @ Wrongbar 06/14/2012
The act I wanted to see the most during NXNE, was Purity Ring. I’ve heard about their light show, and waited front and center for them to come on. I originally took you guys a vid, but deleted it by accident before transferring it to my computer. I was really amused by the fact that Corrin’s lights were actually programmed to be like an instrument. Also, a macbook was nowhere to be seen.. but I did see an iPhone on the table. That’s magical. Megan James some how took the glitchy vocals live, and it sounded just as great as their recorded stuff. It wasn’t the lame shit you usually get when you hear electronic vocals live. Corrin was manipulating it on stage (as if playing glowing orbs wasn’t enough).

Oh yah, they released a new song called Fineshrine recently. But I’m sure you’re cool enough to have heard it already right?
Purity Ring- Fineshrine