by Tiana Feng
Vacationer @ Mod Club 06/14/2012
Thanks to Andy from Tympanogram, I discovered Vacationer. Although they’re not Canadian I fell in love with their summery vibes. If you’re a Tanlines fan, you’d probably dig Vacationer too. When I found out they were playing NXNE I put them down as one of my I’ll do anything in my power to see them list. I was impressed how many people came out to see them. Toronto knows good music, that’s for sure. The frontman was the happiest person I’ve ever seen and they sounded just like they did on record. I loved that they have an actual vibraphone player, and were not just replicating the sounds on synth. I didn’t really understand what the deal was with the glowing globe though. If anybody can explain that to me, I’d love to know!
Vacationer- Be With You