by Tiana Feng
Mac De Marco @ The Drake Hotel 06/13/2012
I recognized Mac DeMarco immediately as the dude from Makeout Videotape, a band I had seen play last year’s NXNE hipster party on a roof. Not sure what warranted the name change, perhaps a lineup change, but they played songs that were both new and part of his previous project. The frontman embodied the same kind of hillbilly ridiculousness I remembered and had fun on stage with his mates. Even though the bassist forgot how to play some songs, it somehow seemed part of the act. There were solos from every member (even the drummer) and their set was so much fun, I didn’t mind if I would see them later again at the boat party. Their sound is glam rock without the glam (almost the opposite even). It’s not what you would expect if you saw their crossdresser looking Bandcamp page.