by Tiana Feng
I’m always happy to support Steamwhistle and their Unsigned events. For their 22nd edition they had The Wilderness of Manitoba, Cai.RO and Amos the Transparent. @ Steamwhistle Unsigned 06/01/2012
Opening up the night was Cai.Ro who I wasn’t as familiar with. They sung some orchestral folk-pop that illustrated stories of young love. There already was a decent size audience even though it was just the beginning of the show.

Wilderness of Manitoba @ Steamwhistle Unsigned 06/01/2012
Second was The Wilderness of Manitoba. I swear every time I see them they have a different female member. I think I’d like them more without all the distortions and pedals, especially on the violin.
The Wilderness of Manitoba- Hermit
Amos the Transparent @ Steamwhistle Unsigned 06/01/2012
Amos the Transparent have grown a lot since I’ve seen them 2 years ago during NXNE on a 2am time slot at C’est What. Their set was fun and their friends jumped in on one of the songs.
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