by Tiana Feng
Yesterday I decided to go to another Young Lions Music Club show. They always have a lovely atmosphere of music lovers, and people looking to have a good time. The beers at Sneaky Dee’s also happened to be $3 which made it an even more stellar night.
Nicholas Doubleyou and the B-Squad @ Sneaky Dee's 05/18/2012
First up was Nicholas Doubleyou and the B-Squad. I liked them a lot more than I expected. Their live show was full of energy and the fact that they looked like they were having the greatest time of their lives made it all the more better. They played some fast paced folk rock decorated with a dude playing saxophone (and sometimes clarinet at the same time). My favourite was when the lead singer broke out the harmonica.

Cousin @ Sneaky Dee's 5/19/2012
It was “Cousin”‘s CD release party. Not to be confused with another Canadian band called Cousins, there is no S. They had a very 90’s influenced rock sound and were joined at times by 2 brass players who were apparently cousins. During a song called Jawbreakah, a box of Gobbstoppers were passed around the audience.

Had a blast. Brian from Holy Fuck was DJing the night, but I was way too tired to dance. Heard it was a party!