by Tiana Feng
Illitry @ Clinton's 05/09/2012
I went to Clinton’s to catch New Hands, but they were running behind schedule so I happened to catch the entire Illitry set. I admit their sound was pretty interesting and frontman was so into it he looked possessed at times. However, I was quite mad at them for taking too long and cutting into New Hands’ time!
Illitry- Roadtrip
New Hands @ Clinton's 05/09/2012
New Hands is a group that you should definitely look out for this year. Their releasing a full album soon that is sure to make some noise. Because I had to catch the last bus back to Mississauga, I only managed to catch the first song This I’ve Heard. It was awesome though. The boys in the group look so young, but if they can make great music already, who knows where they are headed?
New Hands- This I’ve Heard