by Tiana Feng
This concert at the Horseshoe was one where everybody could add themselves to the guest list before the show, or you could pay $5 at the door. There was a decent turnout considering the bands playing the night were relatively new.
Indoor Voices @ Horseshoe Tavern 05/09/2012
First one up was Indoor Voices. I had been talking to the frontman John for a while on Twitter, and heard some tunes but had not seen them live. They play some ambient rock. They began with some atmospheric noises and then played a handful of tunes with great melodies. Some parts were a bit awkward, but all can be forgiven because this was actually their second show ever.
Indoor Voices- If I Die
Old World Vulture @ Horseshoe Tavern 05/09/2012
Second up was Old World Vulture. They played a completely instrumental rock set. Originally I thought it wouldn’t work, but it was full of energy and total rocked.
Old World Vulture- J.R. Flood
Bronx Cheerleader @ Horseshoe Tavern 05/09/2012
I was venue jumping so I caught a bit of Bronx Cheerleader before I had to be off to the next place. For some reason they don’t look like it, but although there is a rock edge to their sound, there’s also a ton of pop to it.
Bronx Cheerleader- Sour Life