by Tiana Feng
Doldrums @ The Garrison 05/05/2012
I had a pretty empty concert calendar this week, so I decided to check out Doldrums live at the Garrison. He was the weirdo psych-electronic artist that was first introduced to me via Grimes so I had no idea what to expect of the live show. It was a little bit bizarre type of one man band set. It was quite unique and strangely addictive. His retro samples complimented the hard beats and distortions.
Doldrums- Careful Now
Doldrums wasn’t headlining, but I decided to stay for the rest of the show as it was very recommended by my friend at Dysonsound who had seen the entire set in Boston the night before.
Blouse @ The Garrison 05/05/2012
The second one up was Blouse from Portland who was fronted by the sweet and lovely Charlie Hilton. Her tender dream pop melodies were hard not to fall in love with and I ended up picking up her vinyl on the way out.

Bear in Heaven @ The Garrison 05/05/2012
The headliner of the night was Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven. I honestly don’t remember what they sounded like if you asked me. I was way too distracted by the quite overboard light show. It was kind of a bit much. I was front and center and the people on either side of me had their heads down (one guy had sunglasses on). Note to future bands: pointing strobe lights at the audience for an entire set is not a good idea.


I took a video so you could see the lights:

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