by Tiana Feng
On Friday, I attended Bookie’s Big Blast mostly because I wanted to see Eight and a Half. I thought they were actually the first band on and I was insanely early. However, I had made it just in time to catch newcomers named Dismaj.

The band is from Cambridge, Ontario. They’re kind of a strange progressive rock band with some world flare. I definitely heard some east asian influences, it was kind of neat. They had a bit of sloppy parts, but it didn’t really matter so much because the frontman was such charismatic dude.

Eight and a Half was up second with a smoke filled set. When parts of Broken Social Scene and the Stills come together you know it’s gonna sound pretty damn good.
Eight and a Half- Scissors

I didn’t actually expect them to, but Dinosaur Bones played some new songs! They still played some old favourites like NYE though to work up the crowd. They look so much more clean shaven then I last remembered!
Dinosaur Bones- N.Y.E.

Last but not least, was Young Empires. Although I have seen them a million times, I still enjoy the show! I was really tired that day (from concert the night before), but Friday night’s music was definitely a pick me up.
Here’s a video from the show. The song is Against The Wall from their latest release.