by Tiana Feng
Dean Marino from Papermaps was the common link between all the performers on this Thursday night. He started the night off right with a solo set that included upcoming songs for Papermaps and guitar-only renditions of old ones. I especially liked Complicate Things. You wouldn’t expect these songs to work very well on their own, but if anybody can do it, it’s Dean.
Papermaps- Reunion

Dean wears many hats, and he is also a producer at Chemical Sound recording studio. VISTAVISION the second band up was one of the bands he had worked with.
The group definitely had some geeky looking attire, but man they are good musicians. I had never heard of them before the night, but they blew me away. There’s just so much great energy in their sound. On Bandcamp they have an album that was recorded live off the floor, and it’s awesome.

Last but not least was Tin Star Orphans, label mate of Papermaps. Dean also plays in the band. The frontman, Zachary Bennett, you might recognize as Felix King in Road to Avonlea.
They are an alternative rock band with quite the country flare. There was a lot of funny swearing exchanged and on stage everybody looked like they were having a jolly good time.
Let You Down by Tin Star Orphans on Grooveshark