by Tiana Feng
Tanlines @ Wrongbar 04/17/2012
This may be a Canadian music blog, but I listen to a ton of international music too. Especially those frequently talked about by my American blogger friends. Tanline’s new album Mixed Emotions sits somewhere near the top of my favourite albums of 2012 so far.

Bravestation @ Wrongbar 04/17/2012
Opening the night was Bravestation which I have seen a couple of times before but I actually thought they sounded their greatest during this performance at Wrongbar. They played some new songs as well as the infamous White Wolves, which I still love so much.
Bravestation- White Wolves
Tanlines @ Wrongbar 04/17/2012
Tanlines is what I would describe as a tropical indie electronic pop band from Brooklyn, New York. They are a duo of Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm. I thought they would have a full band on set, but I was wrong, it was just the two of them and I loved it. Somehow it was set up in a way that Jesse Cohen the drummer/drum machine dude was the center of attention. Eric Emm the vocalist seemed more reserved in comparison. This was probably the funnest shows I have been to in a long time, they sounded great and the audience (including me) made it quite the dance party!
Tanlines- Brothers