by Tiana Feng

Thanks to Chromewaves I was able to go to the sold out Said the Whale show yesterday at the Great Hall. It was one of the concerts sponsored by 102.1 the Edge. It was all ages and the majority of the audience looked like they were still in high school. At least I know the younger generation of music lovers isn’t completely doomed to the likes of top 40 radio.

Anyways, my dad has my 60D right now on vacation and I had a little bit of a malfunction with an older XSi so I only took iPhone photos of the night. I’m kind of glad I wasn’t media obligated because I was able to completely immerse myself in the show.

Kicking off the night was PEI’s Boxer the Horse, who’s recently released French Residency I have given rave reviews.

For some reason the front-man had some striking resemblance to Owen Wilson when he sang. They started the night off right with energy tunes all from the most recent album. I don’t think the audience knew who they were, but they sure enjoyed themselves.
Boxer the Horse- Rattle Your Cage
Next up was Vancouver’s Chains of Love.

To me, it was the weaker of the 3 sets. They played a loud set. There wasn’t that much variation dynamic wise and I couldn’t make out the lyrics very well. A couple of the little kids in front of me started to get impatient for Said the Whale.
Chains of Love- In Between
Last but not least was Said the Whale.

I’ve seen Said the Whale multiple times before but as you may or may not know, I wasn’t really a huge fan of their latest Little Mountain. However, I thought in their set they perfectly integrated their new tunes with the old classics. For an album I thought I didn’t really like, I sure knew all the words. They must have done something right. I much prefer the live version of their new songs to the record. There was the duet in Loveless to the hand-clap happy Lucky. Everybody sang along to songs old and new. I kind of lost my voice after.

The encore featured Spencer singing Seasons by himself and Goodnight Moon where the members of Chains of Love jumped on stage to joint he fun.

If there’s one Canadian indie band you have to see at least once, it has got to be Said the Whale.