by Tiana Feng

I didn’t actually post any single song posts this week due to all the CMW update. This week the chart will include the track that can be found with the CMW post/photo set. Here are the most popular tunes of this week!

Position Last Song Link
1 4 Gary Clark Jr.- Bright Lights post
2 Broken Bricks- I Met A Robot post
3 Louise Burns- What Do You Wanna Do? post
4 Big Scary- Thinking About You post
5 Broken Bricks- Pop Song post
6 Graydon James and the Young Novelists- Left Behind video
7 Kalle Mattson- Waterfalls post
8 Chic Gamine- Closer post
9 Cowboy Junkies- Angels in the Wilderness post
10 The Balconies- 300 Pages post