by Tiana Feng
Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace 03/23/2012
The last band I saw that night was Cloud Nothings. Thank you all the blogs I follow for talking immensely about them because I actually really enjoyed myself. They play a combination of punk/noise rock but there’s something about the sound that captivates you in a sort of trance. If you took a look at the audience everybody was in their own sort of Cloud Nothings daze. I wasn’t even on anything (didn’t drink, don’t do drugs) and I felt the experience. The live set is something that their recorded albums can’t even compare to. My photos of the band aren’t very good because me and Photogmusic were trying not to get squished by the mosh pit behind us (we were front and centre). At one point we had to protect our cameras by keeping them on stage. It was so much fun though!