by Tiana Feng
USS @ Cabin 5 03/22/2012
I had heard there was going to be a secret guest at Cabin 5 Thursday so I took my chances and stayed the night. They didn’t announce who it was until very close to the set time. It ended up being Parkdale’s USS short for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker. The grunge rock and drum and bass mixture isn’t something I would have seen by choice but I ended up having a great time. The group on stage consisted of a guitarist, a drummer and a turntablist/hype man. Even though their music isn’t my thing, for some reason I knew all the lyrics. Probably from listening to too much 102.1 the Edge. This one has got to be the most bizarre performance I witnessed all CMW. There was a blender set up before their set and part of the reason why I stayed until the end was to see what they would do with it. And the answer? Well, to make a smoothie of course.

Here is a video of one of their songs: