On Thursday I had coffee with Dean Marino from Papermaps. For some reason I forgot to snap a photo but here is a cool Southern Souls version of Wishful Thinker.

PAPERMAPS – Wishful Thinker from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

T: How did you come up with the name Papermaps?
DM: We used to be known as EX~PO and it ended up making sense to change our name. Our old name had a tilde in it and a typo was made on one of our show bills. Papermaps was just kind of something we came up with as a group because we needed a new name. There’s actually a band out there called Paper Maps on Myspace that hasn’t been active but they haven’t been active since 2007. We also don’t have a space in our name. Changing our name also made sense because it was around the time we signed to Sparks Music.

T: I saw you guys last NXNE and I noticed that there’s a new member
DM: Yeah, Todd our bassist is going to be busy because he is doing his masters of teaching so we added Betty. It was pretty funny because when Betty first played with us we opened for a couple of bigger acts like Plants and Animals and I had to pull her aside and tell her our audience wasn’t normally so big. We created a line up so that Beth and Todd can rotate if they needed and could take a break once in a while.

T: I loved the idea of your Reunion video. What was the inspiration?
DM: I wanted to make a video that wasn’t high budget and didn’t take 15 hours of recording and doing the same motions over and over. We didn’t have to do much of that in this video besides the part where we are just jamming in a room. It was pretty silly, we tried to be all the high school stereotypes. We had the jock, the nerd, the weird kid and a princess.

T: Haha, I did remember that! So.. who inspired your message. Your sign says “She is NOT worth it”
DM: Well we all have those situations where we pine for a girl and she isn’t interested and the other situations where someone loves you but you have no idea. While everyone else’s signs took a more indirect idea to the theme behind Reunion, mine was more based off the lyrics of the song.

T: Haha, was it a lot different than recording Complicate Things?
DM: Yeah, that one took the whole day and we had to do the same motions over and over again even though we thought we had it perfect.

T: Were those lights actually there?
DM: They were and they weren’t. There were lights but they were still and they superimposed the shattered ones afterward during the slow motion parts.

T: Besides Papermaps what do you do?
DM: I’m a Producer/Engineer. I recently did Boxer the Horse’s French Residency which you reviewed!

T: Haha, really? I didn’t know that I know they mentioned it was mixed in the kitchen of the Arcade Fire Drummer
DM: Hope they mentioned me in the credits. Anyway, I am in the process of closing the huge studio. As you may or may not know, I had bought Chemical Sound but it just wasn’t economical to have such a huge space any more. I’m looking to build something smaller elsewhere in the city, just looking for the right space to come by.

T: Did you see anything for CMW so far/are you heading out to any shows?
DM: Well last night I saw my friends band Will Currie and the Country French. I was pretty drunk hanging out with Graham Wright, one of those things was you keep buying each other drinks and end up having more drinks.

T: Saturday happens to be my dad’s birthday so I won’t make it to your show but I hear you will be doing one in April
DM: Yes, but it is still Tentative. We are trying not to do too many shows in Toronto, mainly because I want to work on new stuff and not just have to rehearse our sets all the time. We will also be testing out some of our new stuff on Saturday. Hopefully we’ll have a new album out by this fall.

Papermaps- Reunion
We also had lots of random chatter about studio related things with my boyfriend but I won’t bore you with that stuff. It was great to meet someone from one of my favourite Canadian bands of 2011!