When I requested to interview Honheehonhee, I did not expect the whole band to show up. They are probably some of the most hilarious guys I have ever met.

T: What’s the story behind the name Honheehonhee, I heard it was based on the laugh of a squirrel is it true?
HH: What? Where did you hear that? We said we would never answer any more questions about our name but we will for you. The name was inspired by the N64 game Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The squirrel character makes a noise that kind of sounds like honheehonhee so we spelled it out phonetically. Over the years people have pronounced it differently and we kind of like that. When I told mom she could say it “Honey Honey” she was excited. I think now we just go HON HEE HON HEE.

T:If you could name the band something else what would it be?
HH: Rug

T: Was that I Spy game behind We Only Go planned?
HH: No, we just fed people lot’s of alcohol and it sort of happened. It was actually really cold that day, but the alcohol helped us stay warm

T: So the penis was an accident? That’s not any of you guy’s right? I only found the instances near the end but I’m not sure if I found the perfectly hidden one.
HH: No no, none of ours. It was our friend Sieger. He wanted to do it. He uses it to pick up chicks. He shows the video to girls and they end up being his girlfriend so apparently it works. The perfectly hidden one is when there is a shot from above, the dude rolls with his legs spread out but somehow a bush perfectly covers it. Stefan was naked at one point during the shoot of the video but I don’t think he wanted to be THAT guy in the band.

T:Have you guys ever played any embarrassing shows?
HH: Well we’ve played shows for like 30 people before, but whatever if we can get a new fan every time than that makes me excited.

T: How do you like playing in Toronto?
HH: We love Toronto, it’s one of our favourite places to play. You saw us last time at the Horseshoe and we had so much fun that night.

T: Anything new for Honheehonhee?
HH: Well we currently have a new song we’re trying to write. We will play parts of it during our set. Open up with the part of it and maybe randomly have other parts in between songs.

T: What would you want to be your last words?
HH: Rug, jump, lobby, trees. We always seem to have words that are influenced by surroundings. When we’re on a road we write tons of songs about lots of trees.

There was a bunch of other hilarious tangents. Also, we were sitting in the lobby beside Darkhorse in Toronto and a random old man sat on the same bench as us throughout the entire interview. Honheehonhee pretended he was their manager. Apparently he likes molasses. Unfortunately, he did not want to be in the photo with us.
Honheehonhee- We Only Go