Next I met up with Kalle Mattson for a chat!

Me and Kalle Mattson

T: What was it like to have Thick as Thieves go viral on Vimeo?
KM: We had actually made the video with the intention of going viral so I think it did what we wanted. Vimeo’s also the hipster more artsy YouTube, so it’s pretty cool we made it up there.

T: Who’s idea was it to make a video like that, and who made all the little characters?
KM: The video was our friend Kevin Parry’s idea and he also made all the paper characters. He has a pretty good idea of how these things work out.

T: Do you plan on making more videos of this?
KM: Maybe, but we don’t want that sort of thing to define who we are.

T: Did the video have a huge affect on your album Anchors?
KM: Yes, people did buy the record. Unfortunately, the video had happened after our tour.

T: What’s new for Kalle Mattson?
KM: Well we just released our new single “Waterfalls” off our upcoming EP which will be released in May. It was mastered by Gavin Gardiner of the Wooden Sky. We’ll be playing some new songs as part of our set.

T: What do you listen to on your spare time. What are some guilty pleasures listens?
KM: On my spare time I listen to things like Wilco, Radiohead, Neil Young. Guilty pleasures, um not sure. Maybe ABBA?
T: What bands are you seeing this week at CMW?
KM: Well we have to go back tomorrow, but I love Great Lake Bloomers and The Wooden Sky.

It was nice meeting Kalle! We caught his show later that night so tuned in for the photos.
Kalle Mattson- Thick as Thieves