Welcome to the first interview ever on the blog. I enjoyed all of them this week, and there will be definitely more in the future. First up, I sat down with Luke and Marlon from Toronto’s own Broken Bricks

T: I found you guys on Bandcamp around the time when you released Little Fugitives, but I don’t actually know anything about you guys. Tell us about Broken Bricks.
BB: Well I guess starting at the most recent point, Little Fugitives, that came out pretty much a year ago and we’ve been working together as musical partners since high school which was like 5 years ago. The band’s gone through many incarnations. We released a demo LP in 2010 called Pasquale and Little Fugitives a year after.

T: How did you find each other? Did you actually know each other before?
BB: In high school it was kind of just shared musical interests. We went to an arts school (Etobicoke School of the Arts) and people played instruments in the hallway and by chance one of us was playing guitar and the other a harmonica.

T: One of my favourite songs on Little Fugitives is I Met A Robot, what was the inspiration behind that?
BB: A car commercial. I heard this acoustic song with a girl’s voice and I wanted to write one. I originally wrote it with a female voice in mind.

T: What are your inspirations, what do you listen to you on your own time?
BB: Hmm, if you mean what inspired Little Fugitives, the songs for that were influenced by David Bowie, Elvis Costello, early XTC and new wave stuff. We always love to listen to new music and our sound’s always kind of changing. When we were doing Little Fugitives we just wanted that simple to the point song writing. However, The Kinks fostered our band connection because we didn’t know anybody besides eachother who liked them. Well, beyond “You Really Got Me”.

T: Any guilty pleasure listens on your ipod?
Marlon doesn’t have an iPod
BB: Beyonce, Electro Light Orchestra, but those aren’t really guilty pleasures. If you listen to something it’s got to be good though. Lady Gaga maybe, we have a vision of doing a cover of Telephone.

T: What’s the most embarrassing story show wise?
BB: Oh my god, tons. Since we’ve been around for a while we have had many terrible line-ups as well. For actual shows, once we got requested to play the Bolton music festival. There might be several Bolton music festivals but the one we arrived at was an abandoned hanger bay and there was only like the person who requested us there, his 2 kids. We played at 2pm in the afternoon in a field in the middle of nowhere. The 2 kids walked out half way through. On the website there was a picture of all these people cheering. I think it was a stock photo from Glastonbury.

The other kind of strange venue we played in was back in high school. It was this Chinese restaurant; you know one of those that sell alcohol to minors. We’re probably partly responsible for driving that place in the ground. It used to be called Lucky Dragon, we somehow convinced the staff that we were going to put on a show with the full band. For a place that could probably only hold like 20. We had the audience dress up in evil circus garb. It was definitely a spectacle and more than 100 people would come out. That’s probably why it got shut down.

T: Seeing anything from CMW?
BB: Maybe Soupcans, a punk rock band and maybe the Jack Rolling Dandys which our drummer Matt introduced. And we have to see Doldrums.

It was nice to meet Broken Bricks. They were pretty chill dudes. Pictures of their Thursday set will be up soon!
Broken Bricks- I Met a Robot

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    Thanks for the interview, these guys are so effing good!