by Nash Bussieres

Well call me ignorant but I was unaware the Cowboy Junkies were still a band. I remember listening to them on the radio in the 90s when I was a youngin, but I assumed they had broken up or something because I completely stopped hearing things about them. Regardless, “Angels in the Wilderness” is a really interesting track, especially considering its grindingly slow pace, it succeeded in capturing my attention. There’s a hyper-distorted guitar playing single notes (amidst atmosphere that is best described the closest you can get to making something sound like fog) that, while not an integral part of the piece, works really well to draw you in. Almost as if you’re searching for where the sound is coming from. It’s pretty neat. This track is from The Wilderness, Volume 4 of the Nomad Series, which will be released March 27th.
Cowboy Junkies- Angels in the Wilderness