This was the first time I attended a Young Lions Music Club event. It was in the Burroughes Building on Queen West and I loved the space. It’s almost a hidden away little space on top of the 6th floor and many people made it up all the flights of stairs. The first band of the night was the Bicycles.

I’ve heard them before but mostly with female vocals but Friday night there were songs I haven’t heard before with the guys doing vocals.
The Bicycles- I Know We Have to Be Apart
The Bicycles

Next up was The Meligrove Band.

This is the first time I saw them play things other than Ramones covers (not that they don’t usually do a terrific job), but I loved their set. My favourite track has still got to be Bones Attack!! and they played it!
The Meligrove Bnad- Bones Attack!!

The Meligrove Band

Lastly, it The Elwins and their fabulous mustaches, joined by some friends.

It was fun and energetic celebration to their album release. I’ve seen them a couple of times and they were as fun as always and even ended with a Turtles cover of Happy Together.
The Elwins- Stuck in the Middle
The Elwins