Last Thursday was Poor Young Thing’s release party at the Horseshoe. We caught their set as well as 2 of the opening bands. Lambs Without Lions was also playing that night but I originally meant to see them on Saturday in Mississauga, so I did not stay for their set on Thursday.

Kicking off the night was The Maladies of Adam Stokes. They were a folk rock band with some twangy guitars which added some country flare. The music was more lively than the band seemed though. Besides the front man, the rest seemed very focused on playing the right notes on their instruments. A few of the members were multi-instrumentalists and played various things such as violin, banjo, trumpet, and steel guitar.
The Maladies of Adam Stokes- See You In Another Life
The Maladies of Adam Stokes

Next up for the night was The Davey Parker Radio Sound.

This was coincidentally to be my friend’s cousin’s wife’s brother’s band. They played some noisy power rock. They were pretty neat. However, they have to work on their presentation of pedals and effects. Whenever they changed something, I was confused as to whether that was part of the act or if they were having technical difficulties. They almost seemed to stop whenever an effect change was made. I really liked their sound though. I checked out their free stuff on Bandcamp after and I dig it.
The Davey Parker Radio Sound- Trains are Never Easy on the Run
The Davey Parker Radio Sound

Lastly of course we have Poor Young Things.

They were the more polished of the bands and they kind of reminded me of The Arkells. This was their EP release as well as their last show in Toronto before they go on tour with The Trews.
Poor Young Things- Let it Sleep
Poor Young Things