by Tiana Feng

Think you missed out on a good song? Well here’s our most viewed posts of last week!

Position Last Song Link
1 Old and Weird- Feel No Threat post
2 ElektroTank- Annex post
3 The Skeletones Four- Sexy Breakfast post
4 The Elwins- Stuck in the Middle post
5 Tearjerker- Blood post
6 Octoberman- Dressed Up post
7 2 Gary Clark Jr.- Bright Lights post
8 3 Fredrik- White on White post
9 Self Taught- Self Taught Life post
10 9 Arianne Moffatt- In Your Body post


One Response

  1. Emma627

    Whaa? Haven’t heard of ANY of them songs. Oh well, I’ll stick with the ones I know..