by Tiana Feng
Yesterday was a pretty great set of artists which I’ve previously blogged about but have not actually seen live. It was Young Empires CD release but the opening bands Paradise Animals, Honheehonhee and Bravestation made it a particularly great set. First up was Paradise Animals.

They played some new things off their free EP that is available on Bandcamp. My boyfriend described them as a band that listens to nothing but the Talking Heads, but the result isn’t that bad. They seemed very new to the stage and lacked a bit of stage presence, especially since Honheehonhee followed right after. They did loosen up near the end when the dude used two mics!
Paradise Animals- Compliance
Paradise Animals

Next, Honheehonhee played a very interesting and energetic set from their album Shouts.

It was a lot of fun and instead of kicking there was some shoe dropping on top of the guitar. I was pretty impressed that one of their guitarists were playing with them for the first time but it was like he’s been in the band forever.
Honheehonhee- We Only Go

Bravestation followed. They played a ton of new songs off a forthcoming album. Maybe I’m not used to it yet, but I actually think I like their old stuff better. They did play White Wolves though and the crowd sang along!

Bravestation- White Wolves

And finally the headlining band of the night was Young Empires playing songs from their new EP Wake All My Youth which you can check out here.

The Horseshoe was crazy full by this point and everybody was dancing along.
Young Empires

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  1. Beatriceopacka

    Young Empires is my fave canadian band!!!! love their music! <3