by Tiana Feng
Yesterday was the Toronto Music Industry Association’s first workshop and it focused on artist management. It was hosted by a good looking dude, Scott Honsberger of EMI Publishing Canada and the main dude behind organizing the TMIA.

I learned a lot from the workshop. It was more helpful than school in a way because these are people that are currently managing artists. Here are some quotes I took away from the night and maybe this will be helpful to all you artists out there!

Morgan Cameron Ross (artist who we actually posted about here

“It’s always better if the artist manages their own social media presence” it’s so obvious when someone else does it”
“Managing an artist is often managing expectations”
“My manager will tell me things in a way that doesn’t hurt my feelings but gets the point across”

Rob Lanni (Artist Manager and Co-Founder of Coalition Music)

“We won’t manage any act that doesn’t tour”
“When an artist and a manager split, it’s generally a mutual decision. you can tell it’s time”
“Your agent is like your uncle, your manager is like your dad.”
“I don’t make comments on music and money goes directly to artist. That way not I’m not liable”
“First person I managed was my brother because I was the only one he could trust.”

Heather Kelly (founder of Musi Artist Development)

“I strongly encourage you to network”
“It’s really important to establish yourself in your own town before reaching out to other towns”

Nathan Stein (Bedlam Music Management)

“You become a good manager by being a manager”
“Key is to be out there”
“Being social will get you farther than anything”
“Education in management can’t hurt but not imperative. If anything get a base in law to save lots of money.”

Aaron Miller (manager of The Darcys at Arts & Crafts)

“Manager is a cold caller that knows when it’s a realistic opportunity”
“Videos are better than songs for a quick way of getting a first impression of a musician”

If you are interested in future workshops make sure you sign up to be a member of the Toronto Music Industry Association!