by Tiana Feng

Am I missing something? Because I’m pretty sure this is a song, and a pretty good one at that. For some reason even though the band has existed since 2005, I haven’t heard of them until now but I must check out their entire catalogue. Maybe what they do call songs are even more enjoyable than this! I love the simplicity of this song. The base-line, melody are so uncomplicated it almost “mocks” the idea of a song but beautifully.
Islands- This is Not A Song
Check out this video via Stereogum. Their Youtube version had too many distracting ads so this Vimeo is so much better:

Islands – This Is Not A Song from stereogum on Vimeo.

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    Have to say I’m shocked that you of all people haven’t heard of Islands before!?! It’s Nick Thorburn’s “new” band after The Unicorns disbanded if that helps provide a little more context haha. Haven’t heard this song yet though so thank you! Super excited for the album!

    • me too :)! there’s so much good music out there that even I can miss something sometimes