by Nash Bussieres

Writing for this blog, more often than not I run into bands I’ve never heard of (the more often part being roughly 75%), and I’m a guy who likes to think of himself as in-the-know. Admittedly, these bands and I would have never crossed paths due to vastly different scenes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. Amity Beach is by far the most interesting band I’ve listened to in regards to this blog since I started. They sound like music I tried my hardest to make and failed at when I was younger.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME! The people want to be entertained, dammit!

I can’t even describe them, so this review was destined to fail from the start, but they’re energetic and otherwise awesome. They’re a mix of could-be-super-popular indie and random goofabouts.

Don’t let my shortcomings as a writer stop you from listening to them. Insanely good. Music. And junk.

Amity Beach- Jake’s Version of Paradise