by Tiana Feng

Check out Rich Aucoin’s video for It. This video may seem quite random but he’s actually putting himself into clips from 10 different movies. Can you guess which ones? This song is just as addictive as his new album We’re All Dying to Live. Random question, does anybody else find him wildly attractive in it for some reason?

4 Responses

  1. Selorm Denu

    Dope! Alright, I’m missing some but the movies were (in no particular order) 1. E.T 2. Top Gun 3. Ghostbusters 4. Forest Gump 5. Die Hard 6. Zorro 7.A Night at the Roxy 8. Its a Wonderful Life 9.Night of the Living Dead(I think) 10. Don’t know. How’d I do Tiana?

  2. Johnny Blaze

    In order (let’s see if I’ve got this right…)
    1.   Forrest Gump
    2.   Ghostbusters (doesn’t have to be pt 1 vs pt 2, because we all know part 2 never counted)
    3.   Taxi Driver (the famous Robert DiNiro, “are you looking at me?” scene)
    4.   E.T.
    5.   Casablanca (?)
    6.   The Princess Bride …inconceivable!!
    7.   Night of the Living Dead
    8.   A Night at the Roxbury
    9.   Die Hard
    10. It’s A Wonderful Life

    I’m only 90% certain on #’s 5 and 10, but I think those are the right movies.