by Tiana Feng
Last Friday I went to Steam Whistle Unsigned #20 with Teenage X, Tiny Danza and Still Life Still. The events are always a bunch of fun and have some great local acts. It also supports a great cause: The Artist Health Center Foundation which helps musicians with injuries. I used something similar when I had carpel tunnel in university. Steam Whistle is also some great beer. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera because I was downtown Christmas shopping the entire day so excuse the iPhone photos.

Kicking off the night was Teenage X, a group that looks a lot older than they sound but played a fun set of a bunch of really short but fast paced songs.

Next up was rap group Tiny Danza. They were the crowd favourite, especially when they allowed the audience to jump up onto the stage and dance with them. I loved that they could swear stylistically in their songs. They are a serious must listen and their album is free on Bandcamp.

Lastly was Still Life Still who after Tiny Danza seemed much more mellow. Technically, they were a signed band recently a part of Arts & Crafts.

All three bands were quite different from each other but totally worth checking out! See you all at the next Unsigned!