by Tiana Feng

I’m currently pretty obsessed with Ohbijou’s new album Metal Meets that came out in September. Every time a song from the album comes on in iTunes I end up listening to the entire set. There’s something mesmerizing about it. Today I couldn’t stop singing Balikbayan to myself. What is it supposed to mean? Who knows. Google tells me it’s a cardboard box. Although it does make sense in the context We’ll send it home, Balikbayan.
Ohbijou- Balikbayan
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  • florante

    Balikbayan means returning home, or one who returns home. Balikbayan boxes are used by Filipinos to carry gifts for friends and relatives back in the Philippines.

    • Oh thanks for explaining :)! Either way seems to work sorta!

  • Pnoy

    Hi, Balikbayan is a tagalog word from the Philippines which means “someone who returns to his homeland” It is usually a term for Filipinos who left the motherland to live in another country for a long time (migration) then at one time decides to come back to the Philippines. It actually was coined from two tagalog words “balik” meaning return and “bayan” meaning country/nation. But google is also correct the balikbayan boxes are usually used by balikbayans well to put their things or gifts back to their relatives.