by Tiana Feng

I’m currently pretty obsessed with Ohbijou’s new album Metal Meets that came out in September. Every time a song from the album comes on in iTunes I end up listening to the entire set. There’s something mesmerizing about it. Today I couldn’t stop singing Balikbayan to myself. What is it supposed to mean? Who knows. Google tells me it’s a cardboard box. Although it does make sense in the context We’ll send it home, Balikbayan.
Ohbijou- Balikbayan
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3 Responses

  1. florante

    Balikbayan means returning home, or one who returns home. Balikbayan boxes are used by Filipinos to carry gifts for friends and relatives back in the Philippines.

  2. Pnoy

    Hi, Balikbayan is a tagalog word from the Philippines which means “someone who returns to his homeland” It is usually a term for Filipinos who left the motherland to live in another country for a long time (migration) then at one time decides to come back to the Philippines. It actually was coined from two tagalog words “balik” meaning return and “bayan” meaning country/nation. But google is also correct the balikbayan boxes are usually used by balikbayans well to put their things or gifts back to their relatives.