by Tiana Feng

Morgan Cameron Ross is a Toronto singer song-writer. I love his ability to emotionally story tell through song. Check out My Brother Went to Prison from his record released last May. It may have a really familiar chord progression, but Morgan adds his own soul and clever lyrics to it. If you want to catch him live he will be playing the Lula Lounge in Toronto on November 15th.
Morgan Cameron Ross- My Brother Went to Prison
Here’s the uncensored version of the video:

MORGAN CAMERON ROSS – My Brother Went To Prison (Uncensored Version) from Sparks Music on Vimeo.

Morgan wanted to create a lost soul theme in the video. I sort of wish the video would portray the literal story instead. It would have done the simple yet beautiful song more justice. I think I would have been more emotionally stimulated if it told the actual story, maybe even cry a little.