by Nash Bussieres

Cobra and Vulture is an interesting mix of 60s psych-garage guitar tone and vocals reminiscent of a band I’ve never heard but still feel familiar and comfortable with. I doubt that makes sense. It’s my first day. Give me a break.

I’m normally not a fan of purposely lo-fi recordings, mainly because they almost always just sound like someone is using the cliched “I’m singing through a telephone/bullhorn” shtick or they’re recordings that WANTED ever-so-badly to be hi-fi in the beginning, but while trying to build the impenetrable bastions necessary in a clean, spotlessly produced pop record, it’s clear the band ran out of bricks early on and opted out for a bouncy castle instead. There’s a saying in my family that nothing breaks a fall off a wall like its inflatable counterpart. My family is weird and likes egregious metaphors (oh look! A music review that’s more about the writer than the band! Someone get Pitchfork on the line, I’ve got a resume to submit and an ego to stroke).

While my motion sickness often yearns for at least a semi-stable rampart more than it does the nausea factory that is the hot, stinky room of brightly coloured polyplastic/rubber composites we call a bouncy castle, sometimes you’ve got to stop being such a cynical jerk and just bounce around til you puke.

This band is in that category. Sort of.

They mix all the fun of a “lolz, at least they’re fun :P” lo-fi band with something special; something of merit, something that doesn’t make me want to crawl back into my shell of self-righteousness. They have interesting melodies and simple-but-not-stupid progressions and just the right amount of repetition to keep everyone happy. Simply put: Cobra and Vulture is a lo-fi pseudo-garage indie pop band that anti-hipster elitists (meta-hipsters?) should have a really hard time thumbing their collective nose at.

I know I did.

Grab the album Seer Free on Bandcamp.
Cobra and Vulture- Future Tension

OKAY, so I made it about me! Sue me; I was going to regardless. With my first post on RTT, I felt it fitting to introduce myself:

I’m an introvert with no social skills or positive features, so I take it out on music and, more accurately, fans of music. Most of the bands I dislike aren’t really that awful, but I’m convinced that the large bulk of their core audience has received at least one lobotomy (*cough* TOOL *cough*). I listen to a lot of grindcore and skramz and mathy stuff (a lot of Can-Con too, no less!) and other genres that would never otherwise be covered in this blog. Perhaps you should expect some of that in the future? Don’t worry, I’m a gigantic snob and have been making fun of people on the internet for their musical tastes since 2007, so you can assume I know what I’m talking about. Right? Right.

I’m also a spaz and overuse italics. I’ve been told I’m a narcissist, but that’s clearly not true. I’m also mysterious.

Italics are mysterious.

I liked this band much more than the first 15 seconds of this song would have lead me to believe. Give them your money (seriously Pitchfork, if you read this I love you and was only joking if you’re willing to employ me. Or perhaps grant me the power to change the review score on Jawbreaker’s Dear You to something above a 2 or give Kanye at least one review under 8… I’d be cool with that too, or allow me to change every use of the full acronym for Odd Future to simply read as LOLOFWGKTA).